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Indisputably, the most legendary LP label of Germany’s post war time is MPS – the music production in the Black Forest. Produced between 1958 and 1983 were at first under the label SABA and later MPS recordings in the field of jazz, classic and entertainment which up until this very day claim to be of incomparable quality. Oscar Peterson’s piano or Friedrich Gulda’s classic recordings are merely two of outstanding examples for soundtrack documents, which have meanwhile become a music history. Extensive information under Label.

SABA and MPS recordings have meanwhile been released by Universal on CDs. Brand new MPS records are no longer available on the market. MPS label collectors and friends as well as fans of quality vinyl records will now receive the one-time opportunity to purchase MPS LPs from the estate of the late MPS owner, Hans-Georg Brunner-Schwer.

Wolfgang Dauner during the MPS years

Several thousand fabric new records - jazz, classic, entertainment music – are offered during a unique sales operation by the end of  September 2009. More than 800 different titles are offered on the site of the former MPS studio, numerous rare objects as well as Japanese and US issues, sample LPs and Prestige records, which during the sixties were distributed by MPS. LP-covers, promotion material, posters, photos and a lot more which will excite the collector hearts and allow a back view into the atmosphere of the fifties and sixties.

Other than that, guided tours are offered through the legendary recording studio, plus the attending of a live recording with the artist, who in 1958 was part of the very first recording session at the studio in Villingen: Pianist Wolfang Dauner. Interested parties may order tickets for the studio sessions with Wolfgang Dauner under Seating is limited!